Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Slightly Overdue Status Update

Current status update:
Working on two horror short stories/novellas. I’m not sure at this point what length they will wind up being. I’m actively working on one, the other is outlined with a few ideas and scenes jotted down waiting for me to come in and put it all together.

I’m also thinking very seriously about re-editing then re-releasing Child of Galina, if I decide to do this I will take the current version down. I was in a bad place with my career when I edited it and feel that I rushed it. I also am at a better place in life generally and feel that now I can handle the memories that reading though it will bring up from the time that it was written. And who knows, some of those memories may inspire my next (probably horror LOL) story.

Back to the horror writing; the one story that I’m just outlining at the moment very much comes from the advice of those that say to write about what scares you the most. So I’m delving deep and have already been brought to tears just in the outlining of this story. I’m not sure that once it is done that it could truly be classified as horror, it may be more psychological, but we will see. This story is going to take a long time to complete as it is very taxing upon me emotionally to write about my greatest fear in a way that makes it come to life in my mind and on the page.

Side note:

I was informed that the author of A Day in the Life was a little offended that I pointed out his age in my review, but seriously I didn’t mean it as an insult, I just know where I was at that age with my own writing and am kind of envious/jealous of where he is right now. Just to clarify on that point. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I'm Fine a Poem by Crystal Raen

I’m Fine.
Those words are like poison
Vitriol to me.
A lie told to hide the shame
The shame of vulnerability.
My life is perfect
Envious to many.

To be depressed
                                Or stressed
                                                                Or angry
Would be spitting in the face of my blessings.

So I hold them in.

These worries
                                These fears
                                                                This anger.
And I hold on to my life
                                           My loves
                                                                My dreams

With fingers so tightly
That I’m afraid it will all shatter
Into tiny pieces
To the floor around me
Revealing my biggest fear
That it was all an illusion

And I

I was undeserving

Undeserving of the love
Of a good man.
Undeserving of my child
So beautiful and full of life
That it makes my heart ache
From the love that I have for her.

Undeserving of anything.
                                        Other than loss
                                                                Than fear
                                                                                Than worry

But that worry,
No matter how bright my days
Or how full my heart is
That worry sits there
Nibbling away at my happiness
Feeding my fears
And my anger grows.

Anger at myself
For not enjoying each moment
For not reveling in the happiness that is my reality

Anger at not being good enough to deserve these blessings

Tears burn at the backs of my eyes

A friend stops me to say
To ask
                “How are you?”

“I’m fine.” My reply

“I’m fine.”

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review: A Day in the Life by Lucas Whorley

So another local author, albeit a much younger than me local author, has written and self-published a book. I've only met him very briefly, but we have mutual friends who recommended I read his book. I thought that I would review the book now that I have read it. I was really impressed considering where he grew up (same town I did LOL) and his age.
In A Day in the Life by Lucas Whorley suicidal Adam is convinced to leave his apartment and socialize by his closest, but not that close anymore, friend Randy. Adam’s surly attitude leaves the atmosphere in each scene raw and dirty, but in a way so realistic that you feel you are witnessing the story unfold just a table over from where you are seated in Four Season’s CafĂ©.

You follow Adam reluctantly (but only because Adam’s own reluctance is painted so realistically) through his day with Randy and Randy’s two-timing on again, off again girlfriend Lindsey. Through this day you meet Lindsey’s jaded sister Kimmy and travel with the group to a park for some “fun” and then to the backwoods of Grayson County for a brawling shindig where secrets spill forth from drunken lips and people's actions are loosened by their affinity for the drink and other substances. The book ends rather suddenly and through the descriptions I wasn't at first sure what happened, this is one area where the story could be polished up a little, but once I figured things out I was a little shocked by the character's reactions, or lack thereof, to the event. But then I remembered who had inspired the characters in this story and realized that their reaction was true to life. 

While the book is incredibly short, more of a short story than a novella, it is well written. There are some rough edges to it that could be smoothed out and the formatting is lacking in several places in the paperback copy that I purchased. But for a self-published book it stands strong compared to many others that I have read in the past. 

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