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Abominable - Poetry

posted Mar 12, 2017, 7:44 AM by Crystal Raen
This was originally published on crystalraenwriter.blogspot.com on 3/29/2012.

Found another oldie on my old blog that was on myspace, it was about this guy who critiqued a lot of the Myspace poets. This one was written March 28, 2008, so yesterday was it's 4th birthday:

If there is something so abominable in this world as you
Allow me to free myself from your reign of terror
And watch it from afar.
You send the scorching heat down upon us,
And we, defending ourselves,
Raise our voices in vain to the heavens
From whence your words,
They came.
You have lasted many years longer
Than many of us have been alive
To toil with our pens
And our blank pads of paper.
And we try not to stand in awe
Of the way you tear our work apart,
As though instead of stone
It is but a feathered bed of fragile stuff.
You slash through everything in sight,
No one can claim themselves safe from this attack.
Words that twist our hearts in the agony
Of having literary children,
That, by you, have been rebuked.
Yet we go on, knowing deep down
That those sacrifices made
Are the only way to make our way
Slowly, but surely ahead.
And those of us that can take it
In stride and continue on our way,
Bearing the new knowledge like a badge
Instead of being contrite
Like those that stand their ground and fight
And fall behind, slowly, but surely
Left behind because of their own vanity.
Oh, abomination,
That the multitude of voices claim that you are,
Help me to wrap my mind
Around its very own thoughts
To change them into jewels
Of worth, of magnitude
Something rare
That elsewhere cannot be found.
Turn my words to something,
That will cause a rush of feeling
And earn a certain grasp of that reality.
The reality that touches us all,
No matter how rich, how poor, how big or how small.
Again and again the words they are beat down,
But every time they get back up
They are that much stronger.
That much more ready to go forth in the world,
To hold their own against the other monsters
That make ours seem so calm.
And I watch each and each as they march on
From this spot in which I hide,
Trying to gain the strength
I need in order to put myself forth.
And meet the man who can tear me down,
Yet in the same breath give me the tools
To build myself back up and to travel on,
And share these words with the public beyond.