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Crier's Release - Crystal Raen

posted Feb 27, 2017, 7:40 AM by Crystal Raen
Originally published on crystalraenwriter.blogspot.com on 11/1/11.

Revisiting a blog that I used to write with Blogophilia, everything on the blog was just spur of the moment, impromptu type writing. Thought I would share a few of these pieces with you starting with a poem I called Crier's Release. Going through this older blog has really made me miss all the Blogophilia folks. I am posting the poem as is, no touch ups, no rewording, etc. Just how I wrote it back at the age of 22/23. Here it is all blemished for your to read and critique (be harsh I know it needs it!)

"Crier’s Release"

Have you ever thrown your head back,

And just soaked up all the rain,

Listening to the thunder,

Trying to hide all that pain?

Have you ever tried to hide,

The tears that fell down your face,

As people walked by laughing,

Making jokes of your disgrace.

When the rain finally stops,

And the tears begin to dry,

Do you find yourself pretending,

That you never need to cry?

When these feeling shake your world,

And your heart yearns to be free,

Let go of all your doubts,

And your soul can finally be.