As an Author

June 20, 2018

This website began as a place for me to share my books as an author. In light of this, I thought it would be wise to start my blog by talking about my writing.

I started "writing" stories as soon as I realized what a story was.

I am picky about what books I put out. You can view my current books on my writings page.

Lately, I've had a huge bout of writer's block. I think it may be due to stress in my "real" life. So I've turned to creating coloring books, journals/notebooks, and designs for different merchandise.

I will be losing my real life job soon. So I'm hoping in between job hunting that I will have time to sit down at my desk and try to refocus on creating my true passion which is the written word.

I will be blogging some about my coloring books and the other things I'm doing to try to cushion the blow of losing my income soon. So if you are looking at trying a side hustle and want to see it from a perspective of a beginner be sure to check back here for posts on my experiences.