Best POD Book Ever

July 24, 2018

Okay, so I've been spending my "free" time (if you read my last blog, On Taking on Too Much, you that free time for me is basically non-existent) reading, listening to podcasts, watching youtube videos, etc. on running a POD business. In doing this I came up with an idea to branch out more locally, so my next steps are going to be finding start-up funding for that venture, but that will be another story.

Anyway, back to my reading.

I've read from cover to cover, Merch and the World of Print on Demand by Jacob Topping. This book is an incredible resource of information for anyone who is looking to do, or is already doing POD. See all those flags in there? Those are on pages that have ideas that I want to try ASAP. The book has tons more highlighted on its pages of things to try at some point.

Seriously, I am someone who researches the heck out of stuff and still this book had THAT MUCH new info.

If you are like me and like to highlight, jot notes in the margins, and flag pages then you can get the real world version on Amazon. Merch and the World of Print on Demand (yes that is an affiliate link).

There is a downside to getting the real world copy is that there is a lot of info that is only available to those who purchase the book on Gumroad. I'm kicking myself over missing out on that info, but hopefully I can invest in that copy as well. Also, Jacob Topping said himself in an interview with the Merch Money crew on Youtube that updates are occasionally sent out to those who purchased the book on Gumroad (repeat kicking self).

Just to give you an idea of what all the book includes I'll list a few of my favorite parts (sorry guys not giving away too much info, Jacob Topping worked way to hard on his book for me to just give away his info).

  • I learned about a few programs that I didn't know about before for designing.
  • Great list of sites with creative commons images (images that you can use in your design -just read up on the different licenses and what they mean to stay out of trouble).
  • Some alternatives to Google Images for doing a reverse image search (great for making extra sure you are using an image that is actually creative commons).
  • Places to get fonts.
  • Etsy resources. I'm saving up for the class (there is a link in the book that lowers the price for the Etsy Printful Masterclass by Luke Kelly).
  • Other options to sell POD on Etsy that are not Printful.
  • MASSIVE lists of items, keywords, etc. for tons of different POD sites. More sites than I even realized existed. (over 125 pages for this section).
  • Info about upselling and cross selling.
  • Marketing, Niche Research, Affiliate Linking, Keyword Research, Resources to learn more
  • Using shopify to add products to Amazon.

Okay, I'm stopping now see why I have so many pages marked in this book.

I am super excited to start on some of these ideas and am listening to a youtube video from one of the recommended resources right now. So if you are thinking about Amazon Merch, or ANY other POD platform, this book is a MUST read. And I don't say that often about books on this topic.