Child's Quarantine

Dolly woke up. It was a brand new day.

But she was not excited.


She was scared and afraid.

No school today.

School is closed ‘til next year.

No teachers. No lessons. Not even her friends.

Dolly was at home, with her mom and her dad.

But they were too busy to see she was sad.

They had work on their computers and she had homework to do.

And in the evenings they ignored her then too.

They stared at their phones while watching the news.

Sometimes Dolly’s dad would shout.

And her mom would read something that made her cry out!

“Oh, Dolly, this world is too cruel, it’s too cruel.”

So Dolly would sit on the porch and sigh,

as she waved at the neighbors who passed carefully by.

They waved back and said muffled hellos.

Through masks that they wore and distance they kept.

These were the things Dolly saw as she slept.

She couldn’t see her cousins, family, or friends.

And though she was little, she feared for the end.

She called her grandmother to have a quick chat.

They laughed and they cried

at the screen as they sat.

Grandma told her about days that had passed

and how they kept in touch

with paper notes that the wrote and sent through the mail.

Dolly loved this idea.

Her thoughts began to swell as she made cards with rainbows and hearts.

Her mom got addresses.

Her dad had some stamps.

She sent postcards to everyone she knew.

In just a few days her own mailbox was full.

Thank you, thank you, thank you they all said.

Your artwork really helped.

I needed that smile I got from your card.

Dolly was so happy, she danced around her yard.

Her mom and dad saw something.

Something they couldn’t see in their screens.

The world is still made for us.

It is still kind and still cares.

It just needs us to be the ones who send love out into the air.