Fun with Patterns

June 23, 2018

So I discovered a new app. Well, new to me, it is Adobe Capture.

I've been using the app like crazy the last few days taking images of mundane items and turning them into some amazing patterns. I've been putting the patterns into my Redbubble Shop.

So just so you can see the potential of Adobe Capture and some imagination I'm sharing a few of my products I've created with them below:

I've been having a lot of fun and I think my next step will be to find a print on demand site where I can design my own fabrics. With my love of quilting it would be amazing to be able to create quilts with my own custom fabric.

For those of you who love creating art, photography, doodling, or designing you might want to check out setting up your own Redbubble shop to get a side hustle started.

If that's not your thing, Redbubble also has an affiliate program through ShareASale.