Printful & Etsy

June 30, 2018

On my first blog As an Author I said that I would be sharing some of the things that I'm doing to try to increase my side hustle efforts.

One of my favorite youtubers is Texas Gal Treasures. She does videos on a lot of her hustles, my favorites are the ones on Amazon Merch. But I've been watching her videos on integrating Printful & Etsy. Since I already do Amazon Merch I decided to sign up for Printful and link it to my Etsy account and start a store: Raen's Clothing Rack. It is definitely still in progress as I work full-time and have a 3 year old at home, but I'm hoping to be able to build something. I have some new ideas for designs floating around since being on there and seeing the possibilities beyond shirts. I hope to start a leggings line (leggings are one of my personal favorite clothing items).

But if you are thinking about signing up for Etsy you can use my link below and we will both get 40 free listings. (Etsy typically charges .20 for each listing and re-listing.) There are always other fees in running your own business so be sure to do your homework. Etsy has some great information on their website as does Printful. And there are tons of youtube videos and blogs in addition to Texas Gal Treasures. - 40 free listings